Ningbo Kairong NEW ENERGY Co.,Ltd


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                A world-class shipping company that creates technology innovation and product professional

                Ningbo Kairong New Energy Co.,Ltd was founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer for R&D for LNG stainless steel products and marine cranes / manufacture, marketing and after service. Kairong has been awarded the "High-tech Enterprise", "ZheJiang Enterprise Engineering Technology Center " etc.


                Ningbo Kairong NEW ENERGY —— Kairong NEW ENERGY

                Crane Manufacturer

                We are mainly specialized at marine cranes, process equipments( including hydraulic nuts and boring machine), mooring fittings, etc.. Our products have been used on all kinds of Oil Tankers (including VLCC), Container Vessels, Bulk Carriers, LNG Vessels, Chemical and Oil Product Tanker with high quality of rubber gasket and rubber seal ,Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger of HuDongZhongHua shipyard, Shanghai WAIGAOQIAO, Dalian NEW HEAVY, GuangChuan International Shipbuilding, QingDaoBeiHai shipyard, Jiang-Nan shipyard, Zhejiang OuHua shipbuilding and JinHaiWan Shipyard. We get good comments from shipyards, ship-owners and classification societies. The products have been certified by CCS, ABS, GL, BV, LR, DNV, RINA, etc. and also yinhuale exported to many other countries regions Europe, Vietnam, Norway,and so on.

                Kairong possess many modern production equipments, such as NC milling machine, NC laser cutting machine, Rockwell automation SMC with silicone gasket, NC machining center etc. We dedicate to providing product with high quality, top service, excellent design, high efficiency manufacture team and outstanding after-service. Over several years, Kairong continuously improves its brand and competition sense based on innovation and harmonious development to become a responsible and trusted company. We do have our own unique valuable experience on product quality, effectiveness, cost management and management system.

                "Credit as Root, Collaborative Development, Lean Management, Knight Services" is our business and management Philosophy. It is our quality objective to achieve that all the products are eligible. Reciprocal with clients and partners is our tenet to seek the extensive cooperation.