Ningbo Kairong NEW ENERGY Co.,Ltd


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                Quality assurance,testing and experimental equipment

                The company has strong production strength and excellent equipment. It has modern production equipment, physical and chemical laboratory and non-destructive testing equipment such as CNC water cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC lathe, vertical machining center, laser cutting machine, floor CNC boring and milling machine.

                • Physical and Chemical Lab

                • Physical and Chemical Lab

                • Metrology Room

                • Spectrometer


                • 3D profilometer

                • Ultrasonic Detector

                • M.S.S Hydraulic All-purpose Tester

                • Testing and Experimental Equipment

                  Polishing Machine

                • Durometer

                • Cryogenic Tank

                • Impact Tester

                • Metallography Microscope

                • Impact Tester

                • Pickling Table